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About Thomas

Hello I’m Dr. Thomas Kriczky, and I have been recommending and using Hemp Paste since 2017 I’ve seen such great success in relieving anxiety, sleep problems and people with neurologic disorders. It seems to create a homeostasis in the systems of the body allowing for the immune system to modulate the nervous system to be […]

Top 15 things to fight off Dog cancer

Dog’s natural diet since they existed is meat. Unfortunately, the meat nowadays especially the low quality store bought pet food is full of hormones and even strychnine in some dog food brands. Yes, rat poison has been known to be added to chicken feed for example, by some companies as it makes chicken flesh swell […]

Proof is in the lab test

For many years false information has been passed around claiming that we must extract the oil from the cannabis and hemp plant in order to receive benefits from it. Currently this is the top most ignorant misconception in the Hemp and cannabis oil industry. It is 100% false – in fact, the more you try […]