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Hello I’m Dr. Thomas Kriczky, and I have been recommending and using Hemp Paste since 2017

I’ve seen such great success in relieving anxiety, sleep problems and people with neurologic disorders. It seems to create a homeostasis in the systems of the body allowing for the immune system to modulate the nervous system to be calm and depression to be relieved.

I have often said if I was to keep only one supplement it would be Hemp Paste. It is worth giving a try. Try it for at least 2 full months to see if there is any benefit for your condition.

If the condition is a brain disorder or neurologic you may consider a longer trial

Also, you should consider taking it for general health and prevention, as it is a known powerful anti-inflammatory and potentially anti-cancer substance.


Best of health,

Dr. Thomas Kriczky
Gwynedd Chiropractic

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